Will there be a vote to shutdown the government?

A lot of people on government benefits are wondering whether congress will vote to allow the government to shutdown – perhaps over another fiscal fight. Just like it did in 2013, what everyone thought was not possible happened right in front of our eyes. Why is this a matter we the youth should be concerned about? Here’s why:

Will the government shutdown?

When the government closes or shuts down, essential services that are provided by the government are disrupted. The government shuts down when congress and the White House cannot agree on a resolution to continuing the funding of the federal government. As a result, since there is no money, services must be curtailed.

One of the areas that get impacted is benefit payments. Will social security benefit payments be made during a shutdown? How about food stamps and WIC? Will unemployment EPPICard payments be made as scheduled? These are the essential questions that must be asked because these services are relied upon my millions of Americans and any delay in these payments usually cause great hardships. That’s why everything must done to prevent the federal government from closing down.

So, while congress maintains deadlock and refuse to compromise, people are anxiously waiting to see whether they will continue to have their retirement benefits, food assistance funds, unemployment help and other essential programs that are essential to millions of people across the country. Government shutdown is not good for anybody, whether for the reputation of congress and for the people. We hope reason will prevail. Any vote that leads to a government having to close is a lose-lose for everyone involved.

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