Florida Food Stamps EBT Card Fraud

Government programs are a prime target for online scams and fraud. The food stamp program is no exception. What is true is that food stamps application in Florida has increased. But recently, there is an alarming trend developing in the state of Florida, where the food assistance program has become a major target of online fraud. There are two way this is happening. The first is through Phishing emails. This is one of the most common form of online fraud that is targeted at financial products like credit and prepaid debit cards (including the EBT Card).

And there is how it works. Usually, a Florida Food Stamps recipients will receive an email telling them that their EBT card has been suspended due to suspicious transactions.  Included in the email are instructions on how to restore the suspended account. Usually, there is a URL included in the email, which is supposed to direct the card holder to the EBT card website – so that the account information can be verified. But unbeknownst to the cardholder, the email is fraudulent and the URL included will take them to a fake website. Once they get to the fake website and provide their confidential account information, the thieves will then use that information to login to the card account, get the Florida EBT Balance by accessing the EBT Account and drain the entire account of the funds.

The video above shows efforts by the government to deal with a different kind of EBT fraud – which is illegal purchase/sale of EBT cards. Whether they are able to make a real impact remains to be seen. But it is refreshing to see that the little guy is getting help.

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