There are many different ways to get involved with voting and improving voting awareness. If you want to get involved you can join an already established cause or set up your own efforts.

The best way to get involved is:

To Vote. Set by example and be educated on important matters that you are voting on.

Influence your friends and family. Tell your friends and family the importance of voting and help them to get involved as well.

Voice your opinions. Start writing for your local paper or start a blog that shares what you think on different matters.

Volunteer for a program. Many of the voting programs have materials and tools necessary for you to start helping people to get involved and vote.

Some already established programs include:

Rock the Vote

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Rock the Vote is a non-profit, non affiliated program that is one of the more popular avenues to getting involved in the voting awareness community. They have a very interactive website with tools on how you can get involved within your community. Some of the ways you can get involved include:

Hosting your own event. Meet the guidelines that they have laid out and they will put your event in their calendar to get people in your area aware and help you to host it.

Help out at an event. You can help sign up voters and promote Rock the Vote at events near you including concerts, rallies, and festivals.

Become an Ambassador. Start small and get all your friends and family to sign up. Start sharing information on social media venues on how others can get involved and vote.

Teach others. Rock the Vote will provide an appealing lesson plan for you to motivate others to vote and join the cause.

Register People Online. You are able to get your own registration tool that can be implemented on your own website so you can proactively register people.

If you would like to find out more volunteer opportunities with Rock your Vote visit the website.

League of Women’s Voters

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The League of Women’s Voters is one of the oldest organizations influencing people to vote. The League has over 15,000 member and has been working to educate and influence women to vote since the 1920’s. Join The League of Women’s Voters efforts today. You can also become a volunteer and get involved with League of Women’s voters efforts in your area.


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ServiceVote is a program the Youth Changing the World has initiated to raise awareness about voting to youth in todays society. The program encourages people from 15 -25 years of age to become informed and involved in governmental issues and politics. There are many ways to become involved in the ServiceVote program from conducting registration drives, to holding mock elections. Find out more about ServiceVote.

Local organizations

Local schools and organizations host different educational events for teaching youth about voting. Ask around your community to see if you can volunteer or if you can’t find anything ask about setting up a program in your area.