your vote matters

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” -Martin Luther King Jr.

You see it every presidential election, the propaganda and marketing tools promoting you to let your voice be heard. You are told that your vote matters, but to you it seems so insubstantial in the big picture. I am here to tell you that your ability to vote is a gift. Many have died to ensure that you were given the right to democracy and the right to vote.

Many say that the electoral college makes individual votes insubstantial; however, what if everyone had the same thought that their vote didn’t matter. Then no one would vote. And suddenly we can see that your vote may not have a huge impact, but it matters.

If your state always votes Republican, you just assume that because you are democrat there is no point to even try. What there are a great number of Democrats in your state with the same mindset? If you don’t at least cast your vote you are giving up your right as an American, a right that many people in other countries are not┬áprivileged to have.

How The Electoral College Works

There are 538 electors that make up the Electoral College. In order to elect a president, one of the presidential runners must get a majority of the electoral votes. 270 is the magic number. A states number of electoral votes is determined by the number of members in its congressional delegation. A state gets one vote per member in the House of Representatives and two per Senator.If you need to brush up on the electoral college and how voting works, this video explains the process in simple layman’s terms.

Make your voice heard

When we think of voting, the great presidential election that takes place every 4 years comes to mind. This is an important time to vote but this is also the time when your vote is least likely to affect the overall outcome. There are many other chances to vote on issues that are effecting you more directly than who is running the United States government.

Start to learn about who is running for Congress or Senate in your state and cast your vote on who you would like to see in Congress. Continue down the latter even more and get involved in your local government elections. Your vote matters greatly when voting for a town mayor or on local issues for spending, education, or environmental protection.


Your voice is small in a huge presidential election because there are millions of other people with the same weight in the vote as you. This does not mean that your vote doesn’t matter, there are many others who have the same opinions you do, and by not voting you are giving up on what you envision. Vote local to have more influence on matters that are going to directly affect your town and quality of life. Most importantly become an educated voter. Don’t let your vote be persuaded by commercials and posters that make political people and issue look a certain way. Always research what you plan to cast your vote for, because your vote matters.